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2019 Kentuckiana Chinese Spring Festival Celebration Party


Dear friends,

The 2019 Spring Festival Gala will be held on February 16th. Below is the ticketing/tick information.

In order to get more friends to buy tickets equally and to enjoy the activities before the party as much as possible, all tickets will only be pre-sold at the following selected time and place, on a first-come, first served basis. Tickets will not be sold at the venue. Ticketing staff does not accept WeChat/telephone/email to book tickets. Tickets sold will not be returned or exchanged.

Each actor/actress will receive a free ticket, please also pick up the ticket at the same time and place.


The auditorium has two levels. In order to minimize the interference to the general audience and easier for the performers to go back and forth to the stage, the second floor is reserved for the performers, and no seat number is assigned. The seats on the first floor are for the general audience, and the seats can be selected when purchasing tickets. Young performers under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by parents, they can be with their family members on the first floor. It is recommended to choose the seats on both sides for easy access.

Tickets Time:

Tickets are sold only at the time and location listed below. No order is accepted via phone, email or WeChat! Please watch for the notice if there is any change.

1/20 Sunday)     3PM- 5 PM

1/27 Sunday)     3PM- 5 PM

2/3   Sunday)     3PM- 5 PM

2/10 Sunday)     3PM- 5 PM

Tickets Location:

Kentuckiana Chinese School

12305 Westport Rd Suite 202 Louisville, KY 40245

Notes: Tickets availability will be updated from time to time. When tickets are sold out before 2/10, we will cancel the rest of tickets time.


  • 13 years of age and older):           $5
  • 5 – 12 years old):                        $3
  • 4 years and younger: no tickets are needed

Payment Method:

For an easy process, we accept cash only.

Notes: There will be no tickets to be sold on site nor anyone is there to handle ticket related issues. Tickets are required for entry. Please be sure to bring your tickets.


For any questions or more information, please contact Tiegang Xie at 502-386-5978

Come get your tickets before they are sold out. Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year!


Hosts: The ACAK and KCS

肯印华人2019年春节晚会 票务通知









1/20 (星期日)     3PM- 5 PM

1/27 (星期日)     3PM- 5 PM

2/3   (星期日)     3PM- 5 PM

2/10 (星期日)     3PM- 5 PM


12305 Westport Rd Suite 202 Louisville, KY 40245




  • 13岁及以上:           $5
  • 5-12:                   $3
  • 4岁及以下:不需要票





如有问题或需更多信息,请联系谢铁钢 502-386-5978